Artist Statement

My love for Post-Impressionist and Abstract-Expressionist art has inspired me to explore classes and workshops with artists whose work I admire to help me take my art in a less representational direction. I began painting again in 2010, primarily landscapes and florals in oil paints.

In my most recent paintings I am using pure beeswax, damar resin, dry pigments, oil sticks and inks to achieve the organic shapes and heavy black line work that I love. I layer, paint or pour wax medium onto a smooth, rigid surface and use tools such as clay carving, linoleum etching and dental tools to incise lines, scrape away, or add texture to my paintings. I have been experimenting with this medium to achieve the textures, color vibrancy and interesting surfaces that I am drawn to.


2021 has been an interesting year for us all and I started learning about pottery during the pandemic with a friend. I've been exploring throwing, handbuilding and Raku and am really looking forward to all there is to learn with this new medium while still incorporating my mark making into these pieces.